Intensive care - Our Team

Intensive care

The multi-disciplinary team around our patients

On our intensive care unit, we monitor and look after patients in the Rosenheim area who have severe neurological conditions as well as complications arising from illness or accidents. We attach great importance to ensuring understanding and sensitive care from our experienced consultants and specialist intensive care unit personnel.

Empathetic and active

High-tech care with a heart

Our intensive care unit offers all of the essential modern medical treatment and monitoring procedures. These include, for example, differentiated monitoring of cardiovascular output, ultrasound scans - including of the brain, heart and abdomen - and all forms of ventilation and ventilatory support. Key laboratory parameters are measured directly from the bedside and we offer state-of-the-art processes for carrying out tracheotomies, endoscopies and dialysis.

Our patients have at their disposal a team that focuses on swallowing disorders, activating, perception-raising care, mobilisation, gross and fine motor skills and respiratory and wound management.

Back to life

We start mobilising our patients early, since it is essential to start mobilising as quickly as possible to achieve progress on the road to recovery.

We have particular expertise in the field of ventilatory weaning and accelerated breathing therapy following prolonged ventilation. Our trained respiratory therapists give you, the patient, very specific encouragement.

Our healing architecture

Our bright and friendly intensive care unit is designed to encourage rapid healing. We offer only individual rooms with large windows that have low window sills to offer unimpeded views of the nature outside. Together with other light-bringing elements and warm materials, we have created a calm atmosphere to promote the best recovery.