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Centre for Foot and Ankle Joint Surgery

Go through life without complaints

Your feet carry you through life. In case of problems or injuries they deserve help from knowledgeable and experienced hands. Whether malpositions in the forefoot or back of the foot, sports injuries, arthrosis or failed previous operations: Our experts focus on gentle therapy concepts and only operate when conservative options do not help at all or no longer help.

From toe to ankle joint

Our focus

You have pain in your foot? Then you are in good hands with us. In our Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery we treat all acute and chronic joint diseases and injuries - whether forefoot, metatarsus/foot root, backfoot, tendons or nerves.

Our treatment spectrum

  • Hallux valgus and small toe malpositions
  • Malpositions of the rear foot and
  • Sports injuries and cartilage injuries
  • Injuries to the bone and tendons
  • Joint wear
  • Failed previous operations
  • Neurological diseases

As gentle as possible

If surgical intervention is required, our team of experts specializes in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. The sensitive structures of the foot and ankle are affected as little as possible.