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Exam & consultation

Do you want to come during consultation hours? Please contact us.

Pre-admission back consultation: Tell us about your back

In this back consultation, we will coordinate your appointment dates for inpatient treatment, and advise you on which doctor is right for you.

Osteoporosis consultation for self-payers

Have I got osteoporosis? This question is answered by our careful examination for self-payers. In addition to bone density measuring, our examination includes a blood analysis and comprehensive advice from our specialists in internal medicine. On the basis of the results of the examination, you will receive specific treatment and therapy recommendations tailored to your individual needs by our osteoporosis specialists.

What you need to bring to your consultation:

For publicly insured patients, we generally require a referral or prescription for inpatient treatment, to confirm the need for inpatient treatment, as well as recent x-ray images (not older than 6 months). A referral is not mandatory for private patients.