Anaesthesia - Our Team


Specialists in painlessness during and after surgery

Our specialist centre is characterised by the highest level of anaesthesiologic competence in all standard anaesthetic procedures and perioperative therapy. To completely prevent pain, so-called pain catheter procedures are used during a number of surgical operations and during the time thereafter, as well as general anaesthetics (narcosis).

We take our time for you

With an anaesthesia, we will above all ensure that you are free of pain. In addition to the drugs commonly used in anaesthesia, we also use regional catheter procedures, which not only make general anaesthesia more tolerable, but also ensure that you are pain-free in the hours and days following an operation and have a positive influence on the healing process. In the days before your operation we will examine you in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, ask you about previous illnesses and inform you about the different anaesthesia procedures. On this basis, we select the most gentle and safest anaesthesia procedure for you.

We'll take good care of you during the surgery

During the operation, we monitor vital functions with the latest generation of monitoring devices. Our anaesthesiologist, who is exclusively responsible for you, is able to react immediately to any changes at any time.

In addition to anesthesia, regional catheter procedures are also used for every surgical intervention in the area of the upper or lower extremities. The great advantage of these regional anaesthesia procedures is that pain does not occur at all or only in a very reduced form during the operation and that the course of pain after an operation is thus also influenced extremely positively.

Pain therapy after surgery

Both in the recovery room, i.e. in the first hours after an operation, and in the days following, you will be visited daily by our anaesthetists and asked about your well-being. Should there be a need for further pain therapy, we will react quickly, adequately and according to your needs during these visits.

Emergency care is guaranteed

A competent team experienced in emergency medicine is available around the clock for the care of emergency patients - each of our anaesthetists has the additional qualification in emergency medicine, is regularly active in the emergency medical service and has a high degree of competence in the care of emergency patients. The head physician of the department is also the spokesman for the leading emergency physicians in the city and district of Rosenheim.