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Alzheimer’s Therapy Centre

Dementia is a shared fate

Dementia is an illness that not only affects the patient. You, as a relative, also have to adjust to a new life. Our dementia experts at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen help you understand dementia as an illness so you can find a way to relate to you partner or relative. Your afflicted relative will also learn, in several offers, what he or she can still do: paint, do crafts, play games, make music, take a walk, consciously relax. Together, we will create the right therapy program for both of you. Our goal: For you to gain new impulses, feel good and take a break at our facility.

Rehabilitation for patients and relatives

The three pillars of dementia therapy

  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Targeted fostering of the skills and resources of people with dementia by means of an individually designed therapy program based on the acquired skills
  • Targeted therapeutic support of the accompanying relatives

Experience and competence

We developed our treatment concept in cooperation with the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the TU München. We have continued to expand it for the past 18 years based on our experience.

Program for patients: Learning to live with the illness

  • Memory work
  • Art and design therapy
  • Movement-oriented therapy
  • Music-oriented therapy
  • Daily life-oriented therapy
  • Couples massage
  • Coping with the illness
  • Counselling

Program for relatives: Learning how to handle the patient

  • Help with the support and care of your relative
  • Information about dementia
  • Dealing with the illness and communicating with the patient
  • Dealing with your own stress
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Art and design therapy
  • Socio-educational consultation
  • Care consultation
  • Family appointments

Prerequisites for rehab

Rehabilitation is only offered to groups of two people. To fully exhaust and actively participate in the existing offer, our treatment concept is primarily aimed at people in the early stages of dementia or persons who are only slightly affected. A personal therapist will be assigned to you for the duration of your stay.

Cosy atmosphere

Alzheimer’s Therapy Centre (ATC) is part of Schoen ClinicBad Aibling Harthausen, one of the largest neurological rehabilitation centres in Europe. The centre is located in a residential complex a few minutes walking-distance from the main clinic building.

You can find us here

Alzheimer’s Therapy Centre
Harthauser Str. 115
83043 Bad Aibling