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Outpatient consultations

For patients with statutory health insurance

As a patient with statutory health insurance, you have the opportunity to present yourself at our special outpatient consultation for gait disorders, dizziness and Parkinson's disease. You will need a referral from your neurologist or ENT physician. In individual cases, the presentation can also be carried out on a pre-stationary basis. In this case, an inpatient referral from your attending physician is required.

For privately insured patients

For the private outpatient consultation, please register at the chief physician's secretary's office - either by telephone or by using the links above to contact or make an appointment. 

Required documents

Please bring the following documents to all outpatient appointments:

  • a copy of all examinations so far (such as MRI scans, doctors' letters, etc.)
  • a list of medications that you take regularly
  • where applicable your dizziness diary

Examinations in our sleep laboratory

For an examination in our sleep laboratory, please make an appointment for a preliminary consultation.

Please bring an inpatient referral from your family doctor, ENT specialist, lung specialist or neurologist/psychiatrist (Please do not bring an outpatient referral).

If sleep apnoea syndrome is suspected, you should have an ENT and lung specialist examination in advance if possible.