Shoulder arthrosis – our treatment

Shoulder arthrosis (medical term: omarthrosis) is caused by abrasion of the shoulder joint, i.e. by joint wear in your shoulder. The symptoms range from constant pain to impaired mobility and stiffening of the shoulder joint. The treatment that is helpful for you depends on how advanced your shoulder arthrosis is. In the Rosenheim region, you can trust our experienced shoulder specialists when it comes to the correct diagnosis and treatment.
First of all, we try to relieve your pain and restore the mobility of your shoulder using conservative measures such as physiotherapeutic exercises and medication. If this does not achieve the improvement you desire or if your shoulder arthrosis is already severely advanced, surgery may be considered. In a joint-preserving operation, our specialised surgeons use minimally invasive procedures that enable a speedy recovery. Joint replacement surgery may also be possible in individual cases.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Shoulder arthrosis

Everything about causes, symptoms and diagnosis of shoulder arthrosis. Quickly pain-free again thanks to our experienced arthrosis specialists.