Treatment methods

To help your legs rest easy again

Restless legs can be treated effectively. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic offer you effective, drug-based restless legs treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Conservative treatment methods

Restless legs: Treatment with drug-based therapy

Essentially, we treat restless legs syndrome with medications that increase or disseminate the effect of the messenger substance dopamine in the central nervous system. These medications were originally developed to treat Parkinson's disease. Their effectiveness in restless legs syndrome has been scientifically proven. The dose must be determined individually for each patient. 

Symptomatic RLS should be improved by treating the underlying condition: In cases of iron deficiency, iron is prescribed. In cases of advanced renal disease or patients on dialysis, a renal transplant will improve the symptoms.
If the RLS is due to another neurological condition, extensive investigation and treatment of the cause of the condition should be carried out. There are special drug-based or alternative therapies (acupuncture, etc.) available for symptomatic RLS.