Polyneuropathy – our treatment

Polyneuropathy is a peripheral nervous disorder that manifests itself in abnormal sensations or perception disorders in your hands or feet as well as in muscle weakness or disorders of the digestive organs. In order to begin your targeted treatment, it is important to find out which of your nerves are affected by damage and thus trigger your polyneuropathy. At Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen near Rosenheim, our experts specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of polyneuropathy. From various conservative measures, we put together a targeted and tailor-made treatment for you. As abnormal sensations frequently occur in the form of permanent pain in the course of the condition, we also offer you special pain management.
What’s more, the right diet is also an important starting point because, for example, diabetes is among the most frequent causes of polyneuropathy.

Conservative treatment methods

Holistic treatment with multimodal pain management

If you suffer from permanent pain as part of your polyneuropathy, we recommend our multimodal pain management. This exceptionally proven treatment concept is based on the close, interdisciplinary cooperation of physicians and therapists from a wide range of disciplines and is adapted to the individual situation of your disease.

Day care treatment at the Day Clinic for Chronic Pain

An ideal way to integrate the treatment of your polyneuropathy into everyday life is offered by our Day Clinic for Chronic Pain. If you live in the Rosenheim region, you can carry out the treatment tailored to your individual needs with us during the day and return to your familiar surroundings in the evening and on weekends.

General information about Polyneuropathy

In polyneuropathy, several nerves are damaged. Information and help about the causes and symptoms of polyneuropathy can be found here.