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Getting to the root of your pain

Permanent pain is a huge burden for you – both physically and psychologically. Whether it concerns nerves, your head, back or joints – pain controls your everyday life and is an enormous challenge.
Based on a thorough examination using imaging (radiological diagnostics) or invasive methods (infiltration), we first get to the root of the causes of your pain. If the causes are organic or orthopaedic, we will initiate the appropriate treatment for you as quickly as possible. If the cause cannot be identified, it may be a case of chronic pain. You do not have to accept this as we can provide assistance with targeted pain management. At our Pain Centre, we would like to give you back your quality of life with pain treatment that is tailored to your individual needs. Our specialists combine various methods of pain management with the aim of providing long-term relief from your symptoms. It is also important that you learn to understand and deal with your pain.
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Certified pain hospital

We were the first hospital in Upper Bavaria to be certified as a pain hospital by the expert association IGOST in 2016. With many years of expertise and an interdisciplinary team of specialists, we have since met the high demands of this assessment – you can rely on that.

Multimodal pain management

Using the holistic approach of multimodal pain management, we achieve outstanding successes in the treatment of chronic pain. In targeted cooperation between consultants and therapists from different disciplines, we create a completely individual treatment plan for you, in which we combine medical, psychotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic modules according to your needs. Helping you to help yourself is particularly important to us, so that you can enjoy life again.

Day clinic for chronic pain

If you live in the Rosenheim region, our pain treatment day clinic – with the same modules as an inpatient stay – is particularly recommended. Pain management can be ideally integrated into everyday life, you can try out learned behaviours directly in your private environment and, if necessary, discuss them with your therapist afterwards.

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Your pain specialists in Bad Aibling Harthausen

Our specialised consultants have many years of experience in pain management and know very well which particular stressful situations are affecting you. With our extensive, recognised expertise and our sense of humanity, we are committed to helping you permanently get your pain under control.

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