Treatment methods

Our recommendations correspond to your needs

When treating osteochondrosis, we cater to your needs. During the initial phase, regular physiotherapy and strengthening the core muscles are important emphases of treatment at Schoen Clinic. During the acute phase, pain treatment is, of course, the priority. Pain is treated with analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants. If there is muscle tension as a result of incorrect posture, you will receive physical pain therapy, for instance, with heat and massages. Strict bed rest can also contributed to reducing pain. We only recommend injecting pain medications into the affected section of the spine or a targeted nerve blockage for very severe and persistent back pain.

Conservative treatment methods

Non-surgical osteochondrosis treatment: Physiotherapy and posture training

Strong back and core muscles support the unstable spine and disencumber the vertebra. This promotes better posture. Our physiotherapists offer you targeted physiotherapy with special osteochondrosis exercises. This way, you learn how to reduce pain and prevent it in the medium and long term. Posture training also promotes awareness with respect to healthy, upright posture. In advanced cases, a support corset can provide relief.

Surgical treatment methods

Surgical osteochondrosis treatment

An operation is only an option when the other treatments have failed. If the osteochondrosis is causing persistent pain that significantly reduces quality of life or if a herniated disc with a constriction of the nerves occurs, surgery should be performed. The damaged parts of the intervertebral disc are removed in a surgical procedure that is usually minimally invasive and the spinal canal is expanded inside the spine. This preserves the surrounding tissue.

Of course, we will also provide you comprehensive care after the operation. We want to make sure you return to your everyday life fit and without pain.