Tremor (shaking) – our treatment

Tremor as a movement disorder – usually in the form of shaking hands and arms – occurs in various situations, usually at rest but also during movement. There are also different tremor forms, for example physiological tremor, essential tremor or Parkinson’s tremor. In order to determine the right treatment for you, it is particularly important to accurately classify your movement disorder in terms of its form and appearance. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen near Rosenheim have many years of experience in tremor treatment. We tailor our conservative treatment methods to your individual needs. This makes it possible to reduce your tremor in a targeted manner and thus make your everyday life easier.
In individual cases, a surgical intervention in the form of deep brain stimulation can be a promising option for the treatment of your tremor. In this case, we work closely with the neurosurgery experts at Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth and will be happy to refer you there.

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Tremor

A tremor can occur as a symptom of a disease. It can also become a disease itself. More about the causes & symptoms here.