Brain tumour – our treatment

Brain tumours appear in different forms: benign or malignant, from slow to fast growing. Gliomas up to glioblastoma (very aggressive), meningiomas (mostly benign) and metastases are the most common variants. For a detailed examination of your brain tumour, our specialists in neurology near Rosenheim are happy to assist you. To make an exact diagnosis, we use imaging techniques or a biopsy. On this basis, we will find the right treatment method for you.
A combination of brain surgery and drug treatment is often recommended to increase your life expectancy. Our experts are always available to help you decide on the right therapy for you. We will openly inform you about the various treatment options and your chances of recovery. If brain surgery is necessary or promising, we will refer you to our highly specialised colleagues in Neurosurgery at Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, with whom we work closely.

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Brain tumour

Diagnosis brain tumor - what does it mean? Find out everything about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of a brain tumour.