Treatment methods

Having a positive influence on the course of the disease

Despite all of the progress in treatment, multiple sclerosis is still an incurable disease. It is therefore important to define an individual, realistic therapy goal for each affected person. First and foremost, we strive to reduce your relapses and slow down the progression of the disability. We treat existing symptoms with a view to achieving the best possible quality of life.

Conservative treatment methods

Treatment with medication

At Schoen Clinic, we have a wide range of drug-based treatment methods. Together with you, we select the most suitable medication for you. A relapsing-type deterioration is usually treated with cortisone. In the event of very mild symptoms or if there is already a marked onset of regression, it can also be avoided. If the individual relapses disappear completely or incompletely, drugs are used that suppress or modulate the immune system. In this way, we can change the course of the disease. Symptoms such as spasticity, pain, bladder problems and fatigue can also be treated well with medication.

Treatment of symptoms without medication

At Schoen Clinic, we also have a wide range of non-drug therapies to treat your symptoms in a targeted manner. These include:

  • For gait disorders: Physiotherapy
  • For fatigue: daily structuring, activating therapies (training)
  • For spasticity: Physiotherapy
  • For pain: physical therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation techniques, hypnosis
  • For depression: Psychotherapy, discussions on how to cope, relaxation techniques, daily structuring, sleep hygiene.
  • For cognitive disorders: Neuropsychological training therapy and treatment of accompanying depression