Knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis) – our treatment

In the event of knee osteoarthritis (medical: gonarthrosis), various therapy components are usually used – depending on how advanced the joint wear is in your case. In order to prevent the rapid progression of cartilage degradation, you should consult a specialist at an early stage. With our experts for knee joint injuries, you have come to the right place in the Rosenheim region.
Acute symptoms are initially alleviated using medications. In addition, there are physiotherapeutic exercises, which ensure mobility in the knee and the strengthening of the muscles. With knee osteoarthritis, you do not have to avoid sport, just make sure that it is knee friendly and easy on the joints. Since being overweight puts severe strain on the joints and can be the cause of osteoarthritis in the knee, a healthy diet also plays an important role.
If your knee osteoarthritis has already progressed very far or is due to a malposition, surgical intervention may be an option. For a knee replacement, you are in the best of hands at our certified EndoProsthetics Centre. Our highly competent surgeons use the gentlest and most minimally invasive techniques possible and our Endo Active programme will get you back on your feet quickly afterwards.

Conservative treatment methods

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The “Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre” certification attests to the high quality of our medical care for joint replacement. Like many other patients, you can rely on the high level of expertise of our nationally and internationally recognised surgeons.

Fit and healthy again quickly with our Endo Active programme

Based on the latest scientific findings, we get you back on your feet in no time after an endoprosthetic operation. Our concept starts with the optimal anaesthesia to minimise your pain and to create optimal conditions for a fast recovery.

Endo Active Programme for fast recovery after surgery

General information about Knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis)

Read important information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of knee arthrosis (gonarthrosis). Our orthopaedists will be happy to help you.