Torn ankle ligament – our treatment

Whether it is a sports accident or a clumsy twisting of the foot in everyday life – a torn ligament in the ankle happens quickly and mainly occurs as a torn outer ligament. In order to correctly assess the extent of your torn ankle ligament, it is best to consult a specialist as soon as possible. At our Foot and Ankle Centre, you will find the leading experts in this field in the Rosenheim region. First of all, we determine how many of your ligaments are affected, whether they are fully or partially torn and whether bone or cartilage has been affected. The nature and duration of the right therapy for you depends on this.
Surgery is rarely required for a torn ankle ligament. It is often sufficient to immobilise your ankle for some time to reduce the swelling and pain and then use a splint to prevent it from twisting again. However, if you have a more complicated injury or if you have particular demands on the stability of your ankle, for example due to sports, you can rely on the experience of our surgeons, who use minimally invasive surgical methods to ensure that you get back on your feet again quickly.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Torn ankle ligament

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