Flat feet and high arches – our treatment

If you suffer from flat feet or high arches, this can have various causes. In order to identify and classify them correctly to provide helpful treatment, it is important that you place yourself in the hands of qualified foot specialists. In the Rosenheim region, our Foot and Ankle Centre is the number one point of contact for you. First of all, after a thorough examination, we choose the conservative therapy that is appropriate for your diagnosis in order to correct your foot malposition. This can be targeted gymnastic exercises for your feet or special insoles for your shoes. If these measures do not ensure the desired success in the treatment of your flat feet or high arches, we will consider surgery. Our goal: To enable you to lead a pain-free everyday life in the long term. Our experienced foot surgeons are masters of various minimally invasive procedures for the gentle correction of foot malpositions and will explain the exact procedure to you in detail.       

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Flat foot and high arch

The flat foot or high arched foot is a malposition of the feet. We inform you about the causes, symptoms and possible diagnoses.