Ankle joint arthrosis – our treatment

As ankle joint arthrosis can lead to severe and persistent complaints in the long term, including stiffening of your ankle, we recommend that you seek treatment by a specialist as early as possible. In the Rosenheim region, our widely recognised experts at the Foot and Ankle Centre are the right people to contact. If your ankle joint arthrosis is in an early stage with occasional pain with no or only minor movement restrictions, we can help you with conservative treatment, for example with orthopaedic insoles for your shoes and special physiotherapeutic exercises. However, if the wear on your ankle has already progressed to such an extent that these measures are no longer sufficient to relieve your symptoms, we will consider surgery. Joint preserving and minimally invasive procedures always take priority. The final decision on the exact surgical procedure for treating your ankle arthritis will be made in a detailed discussion with you, taking into account your individual situation.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Ankle joint arthrosis

Arthrosis in the ankle - here you can find out more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of your ankle arthritis.