Achilles tendon injuries – our treatment

Conditions of the Achilles tendon can have different degrees of severity: from Achilles tendon inflammation due to irritation caused by overloading, through Haglund’s deformity, to eventually the most serious injury, an Achilles tendon tear. In the Rosenheim region, you can trust the experienced specialists at our Foot and Ankle Centre to classify your Achilles tendon condition. On the basis of a careful diagnosis, we will determine the treatment that best suits you in consultation with you. If you suffer from tendonitis, depending on the exact cause, conservative measures such as special stretching exercises or shockwave therapy are usually sufficient to successfully treat your Achilles tendon pain. If the injury is more severe or the symptoms persist, surgery should be considered. For this purpose, our expert surgeons can draw on a wide range of surgical methods – from arthroscopic procedures with only small skin incisions to complicated procedures.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Achilles tendon injuries

Your Achilles tendon hurts or is inflamed? We inform you about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of an Achilles tendon disease.