Treatment methods

A whole team at your disposal

Different departments work together when providing brain tumour treatment. When the decision is made to undergo surgery, the individual risk is assessed in advance on the basis of the imaging procedures and the intervention is planned accordingly. Most brain procedures are neuronavigated or robot-assisted. This ensures the greatest possible precision, which increases safety for our patients.
In order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome, we discuss each case in the brain tumour clinic as part of an interdisciplinary tumour conference. Specialists from the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, radiotherapy, oncology, radiology and pathology concern themselves with each individual case and develop an individual therapy recommendation, which is oriented towards the current guidelines and research findings, but also without losing sight of the best possible quality of life for the individual. We cooperate with experts from neighbouring specialist clinics for this purpose. 

Surgical treatment methods

Surgery – with the best possible supervision

Some surgical brain tumour treatments are preceded by a brain biopsy. If the MRI findings are unclear, this biopsy provides clarity about the type of tumour even before the actual procedure.A brain tumour is removed exclusively using microsurgery, i.e. with a modern surgical microscope. In special cases, neuroendoscopy can also be used – either as a supporting procedure or as the only procedure.In all surgical brain tumour therapies, neuronavigation is an accompanying technology that increases precision and safety.Computer-assisted preliminary planning of an operation sometimes reveals a direct neighbourhood relationship between the brain tumour and a brain area with a very important function (movement centre, visual centre, speech centre). In this case, special monitoring, called intraoperative neuromonitoring, can further increase safety during an intervention under general anaesthetic.For some brain tumours, a drug can be administered preoperatively (5-ALA) to make the tumour more visible under a special microscope during the operation. This procedure facilitates the complete removal of brain tumours.

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy: the combination is what matters

Many brain tumours can be completely removed using microsurgery. However, the partial removal of a tumour can also be useful. Depending on the growth pattern, surgical therapy is supplemented by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. However, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy alone can also be a therapeutic concept. Radiotherapy, in particular, has very precise and effective methods.