Moving gets you back on your feet quicker

Surgery is the first step to having a functioning joint again. Through outpatient rehabilitation, we fully focus on getting you to be able to move again without pain and put weight on your joint. You’ll first need to immobilise your operated leg for at least six weeks. Afterwards, you’ll restore your carrying capacity step by step together with our physiotherapists. Although this will take another four to six weeks, it will be worth it. The regenerated cartilage will be very soft at the beginning. If you build up your capacity too quickly, this can jeopardise the success of surgery. You’ll support a speedy recovery process through physiotherapeutic exercises. How much your cartilage can regenerate depends on several factors, including your age, weight and individual regeneration potential. It sometimes takes several months before the final results are achieved. However, we’ll guide you along this journey and initiate the best supporting measures for you.

Rehabilitation and aftercare

Individual rehabilitation concept

At Schoen Clinic, we promise to offer the best treatment for you. Our treatment concept will therefore be built on different building blocks we put together for you individually, in agreement with the responsible consultant.

So you can be mobile again as quickly as possible, your after-care will begin just one day after surgery when you first step out of bed.

Mobilisation: first passive, then active

Regular movement of your joint without strain greatly supports the healing phase. Your body produces more joint fluid, creating cartilage cells which form almost like new ones. These cells can also use this fluid to sustain themselves. During your stay in hospital, you’ll learn what you can do to best promote cartilage regeneration.