Treatment methods

The best-possible therapy for your Achilles tendon

Whether rupture, inflammation or calcification, Achilles tendon injuries and disorders are often painful and long-lasting. Thanks to our precise diagnostics, we offer you the best-possible treatment at Schoen Clinic. Depending on the type and severity of your symptoms, a full range of medical options are available, from conservative treatment such as an Achilles tendon bandage to Achilles tendon surgery.

Conservative treatment methods

Conservative Therapy without Surgery

This is especially effective if you will be repeatedly stretching your Achilles tendon as part of a training programme. Ultrasound scans, cold therapy with ice rubbing and special massages may also be carried out. Additional conservative measures include shockwave therapy and X-ray stimulation therapy. For age-related tendon disorders, vascular sclerotherapy in the tendon may also relieve symptoms. If your symptoms don’t recede, our specialists can remove the painful tissue through Achilles tendon surgery. This allows your body to build new tissue.