Back pain? Ideal treatment in one location

We will show you ways to relief your pain

What to do if you have back pain? Go to an orthopaedist or maybe it’s better to go to a neurosurgeon? Or to a pain therapist? At our Schoen Clinic Back Institute in München Harlaching, we cooperate with all of the important specialist departments. Here, you will be fully examined, receive a precise diagnosis and a customised treatment plan. Quick, uncomplicated, from a single source. You have a clear point of contact who will accompany you through the entire treatment process and take care of your recovery.

Our concept: 360° – finding the optimum therapy via a precise analysis

Back pain is usually allocated to a single speciality, for instance orthopaedics. Despite intensive therapy, however, the pain often remains.

Our experience shows that back pain can only be successfully treated if experts from a variety of specialities cooperate to come to a holistic diagnosis. At the Schoen Back Institute, we call this a 360° analysis. At the end of the diagnostic procedure, the results will be evaluated by our experts. These are then discussed with our specialists (orthopaedists, spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and radiologists, in some cases in close cooperation). They create a treatment plan tailored to you – that is our 360° treatment. We offer all of the components of successful back treatment, from injection therapy to muscle strength training through to pain therapy.

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At our Back Institute, we take care of your special needs using optimum processes and the best-possible medical expertise in a pleasant atmosphere. A first class offer, so to say, for self-payers and private patients. We want you to feel well taken care of and excellently treated from the start. We aren’t satisfied until you are thrilled.

  • A large portion of back pain can be relieved with exercise. At our therapy and training centre, you can targetedly keep your musculature strong.

  • We initially treat acute complaints with medium-intensity pain with medication. At the same time, we prescribe you physical therapy like heat treatment and physiotherapeutic treatments to strengthen your back musculature.

  • Injection therapy (infiltration), placed precisely to the millimetre at the site of the pain may help you in the event of severe back pain. Physical therapy and targeted muscle building can supplement your treatment.

  • Long-term panic can significantly reduce your quality of life. Pain therapist and psychologists show you ways to get back to an active life.

  • Our spine surgeons are among the most experienced in Germany with more than 6,000 operations per year. They know exactly when the time has come for a successful operation before the pain becomes chronic.

  • At regular intervals, we will ask you questions about your current health condition. As soon as anomalies present, our experts will get in touch with you and offer aftercare.