Your path to a pain-free life

The 360° treatment

If the back hurts, this can have a number of causes: Tension, stress, inflammation, or even scoliosis or vertebral fractures. The possible treatment methods are just as varied as the causes.

It’s important to us to calibrate the components of the treatment to your personal set of symptoms as a whole after thorough examination. This allows for faster therapeutic success.

Movements for muscle strengthening

Tension can generally be treated conservatively, meaning without an operation. Targeted muscle development prevents pain and problems from returning. That’s why sport therapy and physiotherapy are an important component of treatment. Schoen Clinic Back Institute at the Munich location offers an extensive range on site at the Therapy and Training Centre. At Schoen Clinic Back Institute in Hamburg Eilbek, sport therapy and physiotherapy are done in cooperation with external partners.

Specially trained physiotherapists analyse your strength and movement. Then training on modern equipment begins, targeting your weak points.

Therapy with medication or injections for pain relief

Modern painkillers or even injection therapy (infiltration) can be used to break the vicious cycle of pain. Our specialists treat your pain points in a targeted manner in this process by injecting analgesic medicine into the irritated area on your back with millimetre precision. Easing tension through physical therapy such as heat treatment, or building muscle through physiotherapy can supplement this treatment.

Multi-modal pain therapy for chronic pain

With chronic back pain, the pain often persists even when the actual cause has already been treated. If you have been suffering severe back pain for several months, the pain can take on its own momentum. In these cases, “multi-modal pain therapy” can bring about significant improvement for you.

Multi-modal means that treatment is applied to different points simultaneously and incorporates your daily routine. You’ll receive a targeted medicinal treatment from us in addition to physiotherapy, behavioural therapy and occupational therapy, as well as psychological counselling. We’ll supplement your treatment with other therapies if needed.

Psychological discussions strengthen your back.

Ongoing pain also means limitations in many areas of life. This can lead to depressed mental states. Psychological discussions help you to break the negative spiral and show you the way back to an active life. We offer close cooperation with psychologists (with partners at UKE in Eilbek) and pain therapists at Schoen Clinic Back Institute.

Operating procedures as a last resort

If conservative therapies don’t or aren’t enough to improve your back pain, an operation is the (last) remedy of choice. Our spinal surgeons are established experts in their fields. They use different surgical techniques depending on the section of spine concerned. These include but are not limited to removing narrowing discs or bone tissue and connecting unstable vertebra to adjacent vertebra. Procedures performed under general anaesthesia are generally minimally invasive, microsurgical or endoscopic, and thus guaranteed to be as conservative as possible. Taking only small steps reduces the risks of operating and your scars will be much smaller. Follow-up treatment and your hospital stay will also be much shorter. This allows you to return to your normal routine and your job faster.

After-care and support We provide medical quality that you can feel.

Schoen Clinic hospitals treat over 12,000 patients with back pain every year – both through conservative treatments and operations. Our goal is to enable you to live a noticeably better life. That’s why we conduct regular surveys on the success of our treatment and our medical quality.

The most important factor to us in this matter is your current state of health. We want to know if you’re satisfied with the results of your treatment and if the quality of your life has improved. As soon as we notice any discrepancies in progress in your feedback, we actively get in contact with you. In this way, we want to ensure that your treatment is successful and you are pain-free in the long term. We are also able to use the results of our surveys as opportunities to make further improvements in therapy.