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Is treatment there holistic?

People with back pain often find that different specialists provide different diagnoses for their back and sometimes recommend completely different treatments. This makes the person uncertain because the different approaches cannot all be right at the same time. At the Schoen Clinic Back Institute, we bring all of the specialists together in one team: Here, after a comprehensive diagnostic process, experts in orthopaedics, pain and physiotherapy, neurology and mental health develop a holistic treatment concept for “your back”.

Wolfhard Savoy, Director of the Therapy and Training Centre at the Schoen Clinic Back Institute at Schoen Clinic München Harlaching.

“Physiotherapy is often an important component of the treatment plan for patients with back pain. It can be used therapeutically and preventively and, because there are a variety of functional analyses and findings, it is possible to continuously and precisely adjust the treatment methods throughout the course of treatment. In close cooperation with the specialists at the Schoen Clinic Back Institute, develop a customised treatment for each patient and implement it together with our patients.”

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