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Dear patients, 
Schoen Clinic is well prepared for the current health situation and Schoen Clinic Back Institute Hamburg continues operating normally. However, we would ask you to book an appointment with us only in the event of severe pain or emergencies. We have postponed some scheduled appointments until May 2020 and would ask you to contact us in advance by telephone to confirm your appointment. We evaluate the situation daily and will update our website with the latest news and guidelines.
Stay healthy - Your Schoen Clinic.

Arzt im Schön Klinik Rückeninstitut, Hamburg Eilbek Dr. Jens Lohmann
Excellent treatment of your back pain.

Is treatment there holistic?

The Schoen Clinic Back Institute as an example of multidisciplinary treatment.
People with back pain often find that different specialists provide different diagnoses for their back and sometimes recommend completely different treatments. This makes the person uncertain because the different approaches cannot all be right at the same time. At the Schoen Clinic Back Institute, we bring all of the specialists together in one team: Here, after a comprehensive diagnostic process, experts in orthopaedics, pain and physiotherapy, neurology, psychology and psychosomatics develop a holistic treatment concept for “your back”.

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