Dr. Anusch Sufi-Siavach

Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

Senior Consultant - Centre for Endoprosthetics

Senior Consultant - General orthopaedics

+49 40 2092-0

Job title

Specialist in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery
Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery
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Publication 2011

One year after navigated total knee replacement, no clinically relevant difference found between fixed bearing and mobile bearing knee replacement in a double-blind randomized controlled tri
Lampe F, Sufi-Siavach A, Bohlen KE, Hille E, Dries SP

Publication 2014

Der besondere Fall. Was war zuerst da – Tumor oder Fraktur?
Sufi-Siavach A, Guderjahn O, Wolf E, Winkelmann W

Publication 2015

No differences in clinical outcomes between fixed- and mobile-bearing computer-assisted total knee arthroplasties and no correlations between navigation data and clinical scores.
Marques, C.J., Daniel, S., Sufi-Siavach, A., Lampe, F.

Publication 2016

Patient-specific and intra-operatively modifiable factors assessed by computer navigation predict maximal knee flexion one year after TKA.
Lampe F, Marques CJ, Fiedler F, Sufi-Siavach A, Carita AI, Matziolis G

Publication 2016

Surgically modifiable factors measured by computer-navigation together with patient-specific factors predict knee society score after total knee arthroplasty.
Lampe, F., Fiedler, F., Marques, C.J., Sufi-Siavach, A., Matziolis, G.

Publication 2016

Do Well-Balanced Primary TKA Patients Achieve Better Outcomes Within the First Year After Surgery?
Lampe F, Marques CJ, Fiedler F, Sufi-Siavach A, Matziolis G

Publication 2021

Sehr seltener Knochentumor
Haustedt N, Sufi-Siavach A